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Services all contractors need since 2010

S F Johnson Consulting & Construction Services was built out of a desire to assist construction firms of all sizes and in all areas.

Headquartered in Carmichael California, a suburb of Sacramento, we work with companies in all 50 states. We listen to the needs of our clients and provide individualized services to address those needs. We bring extensive technical experience in the areas of construction administration,construction education, project management,construction law and detailed estimating services.

What we know…..

We know our clients need work, so we have creatively combined projects they can bid on with our award winning estimating services.

We know our clients may need help dealing with a supplier or challenging General Contractor or may need help in collecting on a past due invoice. As a consulting firm, we guide our clients through difficult processes. We also offer online assist services and able to take theses tasks on for our clients.

We know contractors need estimating services. We are experts in all areas of construction estimating. We cover all construction divisions and specialize in electrical, mechanical and plumbing estimating.

We know construction companies need safety training. We are authorized OSHA Trainers. We come directly to our clients and teach during the week or set special weekend days and times. We provide OSHA 10, OSHA 30 and assist you in developing your own personalized safety program.

We know construction firms need quality training for new employees. We provide specialized work based training for new hires and existing employees who need to brush up on the basics of construction, construction admin or estimating training. We provide online classes in the areas plan reading, estimator training, project management and safety training.

Get in touch with us to set up a time to discuss your needs and how we can help out! You can also use the contact form at the bottom of this page to see if our services are right for you.




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Services Provided

estimating and take offs

We are estimating experts in all areas of construction. All estimates are designed in detail in Excel to include all material costs, labor costs and man hour totals. If you just need take-offs, we can deliver those at an affordable cost.

consulting services

We assist our clients in various areas of administration. We help with material acquisition, collections, project management, business certification, client and employee relations and claims management. We help the smaller construction firms operate with the same efficiency of a larger one.

construction education

From basic plan reading to detailed estimating classes we cover them all. All classes are live and on-line. We work with your schedule for days and times that work for you and your staff.

work based training for new hires

We help large firms in the hiring and training process. We have designed testing programs to determine what area of the construction path your employee should pursue. We can prepare them for the office or the field.

authorized osha TRAINING Safety programs & training

We feel all individuals in the construction industry should have completed at least OSHA 10. Keeping our most important asset, our workers, safe in the work place should be a culture. We help you build that culture. We cover all 50 states and will travel to you.

OSHA requires that all construction firm maintain an active safety program. Certain programs must be in writing. Many firms do not know this. We help firms from hazard assessment to program development and training.

projects + estimates

For one low price, we will provide projects in your territory and will also provide all cost estimates associated with your trade.


Services all contractors need since 2010.
— Stacey F. Johnson


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