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our most popular service

As expert estimators, we cover all the bases. Because we help contractors of all trades, we perform our work in a 3-step process. The first step is the digitized take off. All take-offs are guaranteed for 100% accuracy. We use Planswift Professional for all digital take offs. Our second step is pricing, we utilize Craftsman Cost book for all basic construction material pricing, and labor calculations. Our third step is to format all the information on a specialized excel spreadsheet designed for that trade. In most cases, all estimate are returned in 3 days. The cost of the estimate and return date is based on project size.

As estimators, our goal is to help our clients win and we have has great success over the years in doing just that.

To have an estimate completed, please complete our contact form then send all plans to estimates@sfjohnsonconsulting.com. We will review the plans and email back the cost. All estimating clients receive a $5 credit for every $100 spent.

business certification

Certifying your business is one of the fastest ways to increase your revenue. We help small business owners by walking them through the process of what is required based on the type of certification and how long that will take. We search to make sure we are providing you with every opportunity to be certified, whether it is on a local utility, State, Federal or SBA level. We walk you through it all. For the cost of this service in your state, please complete our contact form and let us know which certification you are seeking.


As part of our commitment to contractors and to serve, we offer training for estimators on all levels. From basic plan reading to very detailed estimator training, we do it all.

Plan Reading - Basics This class is taught weekly and is very fast pace. This is for the professional who may be new in constriction. We have also taught individuals with many years of construction experience. We find this class helps everyone.

Estimator Training - Any Trade

All estimator training classes are 3 to 5 weeks long. We meet on-line 1 hour per week to go over a new set of plans. We go over the techniques that should be used to determine all take off quantities and what the format should look like. Throughout the week, the student has additional materials to review and study and is tested weekly. All estimates are graded and must pass with a grade of “B” or higher in order to pass the course. With each week, the projects increase in complexity. To sign up for this service, please visit our contact page.

Unlimited Learning

For one low price, your staff can have access to any plan reading or estimating class. Certifications will be granted to any student who has successfully past all classes with a grade of “B” or higher. The cost for this subscription is $500 per student per month. To sign up for this service please complete our contact page.

projects + estimates

The one thing we have learned is that contractors like to stay busy and see work ahead of them while they are still working on a job. This service helps the contractor, regardless of trade, do just that. As your consultant we match you with the best projects we have in your area. We send you all the plans, specs and GCs information and you choose which you want to bid on. Once you have decided, we produce your estimate for your review in time for submission. This is a monthly subscription service.

osha authorized TRAINING

We offer both OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 directly to you. We will come to your location for a 1-week or 2-week period to train your staff. We can also teach in Spanish so please let us know you have that need when you sign up. OSHA requires a class size of no less than three students. Please note that we do not travel outside of California during the months of December and January. For a full list of all OSHA required training for your type of firm, please complete our contact form and provide information about what your company does, your company size and if you currently have a safety program in place.

osha training & safety programs

Not only does your staff need to be trained in OSHA construction standards, your business and operations do as well. Every construction firm, regardless of size has to have a written safety plan in place. The plan should outline all aspects of safety for you for inside the office and out on the job site. If you are a small firm you probably did not know. We are here to help you design and implement safety plans that work for you when you do. We also show you how to train your staff and lead safety person. We cover all required paperwork to make sure you stay in compliance in all OSHA practices and standards. To discuss how to begin your safety plan, please complete our form and a representative will contact you.

claims Services

Get assistance in the proper handling of your construction claims. With 10 years of claims experiences in the areas of material damages, bodily injury and construction defects, S F Johnson Consulting Claims Services is fully posed to help you to a successful end. Sign up today.