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Discount Estimating or Take Offs - For This Service Only

Discount Estimating or Take Offs - For This Service Only

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Project Services

We getting projects easy for you and save you valuable time by sending you projects that fit your criteria in your area.

You will receive the trade specific plans (you don't have to waste time fishing through all the plans, just the ones you need), specifications and all GCs contact information.  We follow up with all addendum and only send you the ones that relate to your scope of work.

If you already have a service, for the same price, we can do the same thing for you!   

Take offs are $150 per floor per trade if you need then and can be purchased at our website.  A full cost estimate ranges based on the size of the project and trade.  Full cost estimates are priced separately.

There is a 1-year commitment.

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We provide projects within your desired territory and will produce a cost estimate per project. You receive all plans, specifications and GC contact information. The contractor is responsible for all follow up. This is limited to 10 projects per month.