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The S F Johnson Institute for the Construction Trades

FREE OSHA 10 class for all students who have received their license through our firm

To prepare for our Nationwide Certification in the next 2-years, we now offer exam preparation for many of the construction trades.

The S F Johnson Institute for the Construction Trades provides a personal approach as we help our students obtain their trade license and move on to succeed in the construction industry.

Job placement will be necessary for all trades to obtain the hands-on experience which is as important as the book and practical knowledge we provide. Because we have clients in many states across the United States, we do our best to partner with interested companies and agencies who are happy to train and possibly hire our students.

We happily partner with companies just looking to make their employees better and plan a long-term future for them. All classes meet twice a week and run from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the trade (see below). Most classes are designed for Eastern, Midwest and Pacific standard times. We offer both early morning, late afternoon and evening classes for the busy professional. We offer our clients 3-options for instruction - online, at our office in Sacramento, CA or in-house in any of the 50 states.

Each class is live so you will be able to ask questions and go over problems together. You also receive:

Class Instruction , including Study Manuals (Trade, Law & Business)

Math Review and Practice Tests

Safety Manual

Practice Exams

30-day after Instruction Follow Up

100% Money Back Guarantee

We currently offer instruction for the following trades/specialties:

General Building - 5 Weeks

Framing & Rough Carpentry -4 Weeks

Structural Steel - 5 Weeks

Reinforcing Steel - 5 Weeks

Sheet Metal - 4 Weeks

Drywall - 5 Weeks

Painting & Decorating - 4 Weeks

Roofing - 5 Weeks

Earthwork & Paving - 4 Weeks

Concrete - 5 Weeks

Low Voltage - 7 Weeks

Electrical - 6 Weeks

Solar - 6 Weeks

Plumbing - 5 Weeks

HVAC - 4 Weeks

Asbestos Certification - 5 Weeks

Hazardous Substance Removal - 4 Weeks

Law & Business - 8 Weeks

These are on-line and Sacramento prices. There are additional cost to provide in-house training.

All classes cover what is required nationwide and, in the students specific state. For a detailed list of topics covered per trade, please request that using our general contact form.

A representative will be happy to email you the list of topics covered.

To begin any class, you make your initial payment here and will be billed the remainder in 30 days.

S F Johnson Institute for the Construction Trades

S F Johnson Institute for the Construction Trades